Before we dive in, I just want to take a sec and introduce my beautiful wife Katey, my oldest son Jayden and my youngest, Avery. They are my heart!

My photography journey started 4 years ago shortly after I graduated college. Once I decided to pick up a camera, my wife Katey became my muse. She was having a very difficult time with her self-worth and body image. I did my best to help her through this and figured taking photos of her might be the way to go. As we continued, one thing became very clear; my wife would glow like never before. After each and every session there was this spark of hope, happiness and most importantly, love. She began seeing herself in a different light. Her confidence grew and her mindset shifted to one of gratitude, acceptance and happiness. She fell in love with herself all over again and as a result, our relationship grew as well.

That outcome and those feelings sparked my venture into portrait photography and thus, Ceelo Creative was born. It became a mission to create that same feeling for as many people as I could in the most creative ways possible. The only thing that mattered was that each and every person I had the opportunity to photograph walked away feeling like the best version of themselves. This mission continued as I developed and evolved my craft. But as I grew, I learned that self-love and confidence weren't the only things. I wanted to have a hand in creating long lasting memories that could, well, last a lifetime.

Now, I specialize in Creative Portraiture, Weddings and Boudoir. I have become obsessed with creating images that make you feel. Capturing moments, creating memories and providing experiences you will never forget! If you are looking for a creative professional with an editorial flare, I'm your guy!